Bridge House has accommodated 1000’s of individuals with multiple complex needs, giving them shelter, food and vital 24 hour support, to hopefully give them the tools to move on into independent living.

Our Values


There have been many incredible success stories, tears, laughter, chaos, happiness, remarkable staff, passionate volunteers and invaluable Trustees. At times we have struggled to keep the service open, built extensions, fought for new builds, increased capacity, extended services, and worked ourselves into the ground to make ideas come to life. Everybody who has used the service or delivered the service has had an invaluable role in making Bridge House what it is today…….something that we can all be proud of.

The presenting issues of our vulnerable clients have changed over the years, meaning that the support we have offered has had to keep up with changes in society. Our staff are some of the most skilled, passionate, optimistic people you could meet. Whether we need to support our residents with addictions to drugs, alcohol, prescribed medication, lifeskills, mental health issues, domestic violence or prolific offending we are there. We stay strong for them, we don’t judge, we listen, we support, we carry them forward. This is what we do. This is why we exist.

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