Cleveland CAMRA

Thank you to Cleveland CAMRA for their recent donation of money to our charity.

Cleveland CAMRA raised the money at a recent Ale and Art Beer Festival held at The Arc in Stockton. This is a festival for those interested in real ale. CAMRA is a national campaign group which promotes responsible drinking and the protection of our Heritage Pubs.

The Beer Festival does not take money at the bars, attendees have to purchase cards with amounts of money indicated on them. On purchase of a drink, the Bar Staff will cross off the relevant amount, this means that there is sometimes a small amount of credit left on the cards at the end of the session which can be refunded or staff will encourage the attendee to donate to a nominated charity. Bridge House was named as the nominated charity at this year’s event.

Thank you again to Alan Lucas, Dave Ward and Graham Kirk who came to Bridge House to handover their generous donation.